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We believe privacy is a fundamental human right.
at you can search and browse the internet privately Not because you have something to hide, may you have a lot thing that you wan't share it with another party.

Protecting your privacy is all about having control over your data. At, we will be transparent with your, we will help you to control and protect what’s yours:

It’s Your Data. Not Big Data! !

Why we don’t collect any "personal data"

It’s the best way to safeguard your privacy.

If information not shared, it cannot be collected, as it can’t be stolen, demanded, leaked or abused.

How do we define "personal data?"

To maximize your privacy, we will be more transparent with you.

The only exception is for automated search requests (BOTs) that rapidly send undesirable search queries to our websites for the purpose of flooding the server or deliberate sabotage, sometimes we monitor something unusual than any normal human would. When our software detects potential abuse, we can put in place a protection mechanism to register and block the offending IP address in order to keep our service safe and free.

Information we don’t collect
So let’s be perfectly clear:

  • We don’t record your IP address for usual browsing, but do not put your hand in the snake hole!
    Because our Firewall will register IP address in the case that a unusual user tries to access our systems or infiltrate our servers using fraudulent methods, which the firewall may detect it as an attack attempt.

  • We don’t serve any bad tracking or identifying cookies

    This is about "good" and "bad" cookies, Cookies are small pieces of data that are sent to you by websites you visit. as "Bad" cookies have unique elements that can track all kinds of personal information, We don’t serve any of those, uses just one "good" cookie for "performance" and "analytics" in order to optimize our service and save your preferences you choose. It’s completely anonymous, we don't collect a sensitive or personal information and expires after not visiting for 60 days, as now you can blocks many of these trackers from your browser or by using addons.

We don't know who you are! We don't care

We don't store your search queries
that will Saves us money and more hard drive.

We send your search query to Selected search engine and display the search results directly to you. We don’t log your searches through our search box, but we do not deny if one of third-party search engines will do, once you are in his own website and domain name, you are subject to its own privacy policy.

To prevent abuse such as high-volume BOT querying, we may anonymously monitor the frequency of search queries as a part of our prevention measures, while protecting your privacy, as we may block some search queries through our search box to protect kids online from going to malicious content.

How we have implemented truly anonymous analytics

We only count aggregate numbers and statistics

We do measure overall traffic numbers and some other – strictly anonymous – statistics. These stats may include the number of times our service is accessed by a certain device, operating system, a type of browser, a specific language, countries, etc., but we don’t know anything about individual users or who they are in person.

How we keep free without using "personal data"

Paid ads may appear in search results that match your search as SEM/SERP

We offer you the search service, and at the same time you may show you commercial offers or paid ads that appear to you according to the keywords that were allocated by the advertiser or the geographical region in general, these ads are not intrusive, and we do not use personal data or profiling.

Our search result pages may include a small number of clearly labeled "sponsored links," which generate revenue and cover our operational costs. Those links are retrieved from platforms such as Google AdSense. In order to enable the prevention of click fraud, some non-identifying system information is shared, but because we never share personal information or information that could uniquely identify you, the ads we display are not connected to any individual user.

It’s a myth that search engines need to profile you in order to earn decent money. serves strictly non-personalized ads. Sure, our ads make only a fraction of what other search engine ads make, but they pay all our bills.

We protect you on our site – and beyond

This privacy policy applies only to the "*" website.

Once you click search button, there is 2 scenarios, as first, First, you will remain in our website, secondly you may be teleported to another website, once you send your search or click on a search result, where you will leave our site and our privacy protection. This is true for sponsored links, search results and other external links, third-party service for example booking flight ticket on airline website or another booking system, same for hotels, guided tours. as you can use incognito mode feature from most web browsers, that will insure private browsing does not save your browsing information, leaving no trace after you end the session.

Data Encryption and Security

We use Let's Encrypt SSL ( SHA-256 With RSA Encryption )

elliot! Search strives to protect your personal information. For security of transactions, we use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, which encrypts any personal information you enter into registration forms on the Application. The encryption process protects your information, by scrambling it before it is sent to us from your computer. We also make commercially reasonable effort to ensure the security of your personal information on our system.

Encryption makes it difficult for unauthorized people to view informations traveling between computers, it is therefore unlikely that anyone read encrypted data as it traveled across the network.

Travel Section Privacy Policy

Cookies and privacy related to flights and hotels price compare

Updated Privacy Policy will automatically come into effect for all existing users of services through our interactions with you and your use of our web site (, apps and software
Full Privacy policy found here : Read

We the Cookies, permanent and third-party marketing cookies, including cookies from our partners and service providers necessary for the service, you can check here our cookies policy

We don’t disclose or sell your contact information

You ask for support, not spam.

When you contact us via email or through our support center, we’ll use your contact information to respond to you. We won’t sell or share this info with anyone else. You’ll have the option to subscribe to our newsletter, from which you can unsubscribe at any time.

How we respond to governmental requests for data

We cannot give what we do not have!

In the event that a request comes from any judicial authority. We will only be obligated if we are legally obligated to do so. But we are not likely to receive requests from governments to deliver user data, simply because we do not have any of them, we do not have databases, huge servers to collect, and no time to chew them.

We will never comply with any voluntary surveillance program

Big Brother would like some help?

of course not! Fortunately, as we believe in Privacy Advocacy, we are in Algeria, and we are subject to laws protecting privacy all over the world, no government can force service providers to implement a monitoring program.

elliot! Search complies with the GDPR

We do not differentiate between our users
and we do not know them personally

This website is Operated by PHENIX TECHNOLOGIES in Algeria and hosted in UK in our web hosting firm that make part of our companies group, and we fully comply with applicable privacy laws and regulations of the EU, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). These are widely regarded as the strongest privacy protections in the world.

Submit DMCA Take down a Search result

We don't store any content, but we will help

We do not host or save any content in our systems, or servers, any complaint under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act must be proceed with the concerned party where the content infringed is located. If you find search results related to your digital content in our search engine ( Custom Search Engine powered by google ) and want to remove it, you can directly proceed here : here .

Removing organic search results “right to be forgotten”

We will help to handle search removal requests

A ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union (C-131/12, 13 May 2014) found that certain people can ask search engines to remove specific results for queries that include their name, where the interests in those results appearing are outweighed by the person's privacy rights.

We recommend first contacting the website's owner, content provider or the domain provider of the result with your request.

  • A website's contact info is often located on the website itself.
  • You can look up a website's domain provider like:

As elliot! Search results originate primarily from Google's search index, you will need to request removal with them. Information can be found here or check legal answer

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